Adom Coin — Weekly Report 25/01/2022

  • New holders are joining us and we are going to reach 1000 members on Telegram
  • We have made ADO available in BNB and USDT
  • We have created a burn wallet with the rest of ADOs to be burned (190T ADOs = 1.9% of the total Supply): 0xE52b91f9892fF0eD077FAeD7439bAF9206C95594
  • Airdrop is available to any new creator at You can also email us at
  • Content creators are talking about us, and creators are sharing content on Telegram
  • We are working on the first music video, and we will make it available to our community soon
ADO Price




Adom Coin Creator

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Hitoshi Ayama

Hitoshi Ayama

Adom Coin Creator

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